some thoughts, ideas and plans (but dont hold me to this)

My plan


The target group – those that look at material of similar approach
What is the result target group of and what would appeal to them.

One big question, Identifying Why a Customer Would Want it?

Although after much I can’t imagine targeting just a small group of people, my target would be everyone.

Look at how long they need to be. How long are others?
Use a previous clip to see how long it takes before the point is made. Do I need to take my time or does it need to be fast. The speed will depend on how the audience can understand the clip and at what point.

The length of the clip depends on the story that you are trying to tell.

The best style (choose one)
I will select different styles I have used to see which style best puts forward the story in the best way.
These styles will be tested in front of an audience and will be shown multiple styles from my previous collection.


1. cut-out figures, 3d space, (no. 1)

2. two tone style (no. 5)

3. comp of videos edited together (no. 13)

4. copy the style of another format (no. 21)

will discus Punk Fanzine


My intension will be to do 6 clips

The clips will have a title that will include a date and a short title for the piece.


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Terms and conditions presentation

A presentation about terms and conditions was presented by Lester Aldridge LLP

Benefits and Limitations – limitation of liability, less risk in time of disputes
Statutory Framework – Sales of Goods act 1976, Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1982, Unfair Consumer Contract Regulations 1999, Consumer Protection 2000.
Main Terms – Specification, Quantity, Delivery, Risk and Insurance, Acceptance, Price and Payment, Retention of Title, Choice of Law and Jurisdiction, Dispute Resolution, Warranties Resolution, Limitation of Liabity, Boiler plate clauses.
Pre-Contractual representations – statements not part of a written contract are not part
Misrepressentations – Fraud, Negligence, Innocent
Intellectual Property – pre-contractual work, no intellectual property on idea, copyright, patents, trademarks.

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A modern business planning framework workshop

An entrepreneur club workshop we talked about:

Our Philosophy – defined by the leadership
Our Values – Ethics, integrity, care and compassion
Our Vision – Where are we going?
Our Mission – How do we describe what we aim to do and achieve
Our Goal(s) – What is our principal goal?
Our Strategies – How do we achieve our goals?
Our Targets and Objectives – How our strategies comprised?
Our Performance Indicators – Our targets and objectives translate into measurable aspects

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Business Plan presentation

Was presented by Clarity business financials
Was talked about:
Scope the opportunity – Product/service, operations, Unique Selling Point.
Market Research – Why, What and Sources.
SWOT/PESTAL Analysis – Helpful and Harmful both Internal ad External
Critical Success Factors – The business mission
What is Sales Process? – How will? And What resources?
Operations – What do you need?
The Team – Skills, Experience and Talent
Exit Plan – Is there a destination, Exit value and Exit options
Financial Plan – Profit statement/balance sheet, make it realistic
The Business Plan Document – very focused and clear, Write for particular audience.
Business “GPS” – plot the direction of the business, new ideas, changes.

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ge ecomagination

See a digital hologram of smart grid techno in your hands. Smart grid is a technology that manages and distrubute energy in a more intelligent way.

The technology used to make the hologram to follow the marker is called FLARToolKit. FLARToolKit detacts a marker from an input image and calculate the camera position in the three dimension space.

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Vers Creative Business Plan

We felt it essential to have a realistic, working business plan when starting up the business.

So we have made a ealistic, working business plan as something to go by and for a competition.

A business plan is a written document that describes a business, its objectives, its strategies, the market it is in and its financial forecasts. It has many functions, from securing external funding to measuring success within your business.
Business Link.

Our Business plan was writen along the lines of another plan by another company that we will be doing work for, that was generous enough to give it to us.
Our content is listed below.

Executive Summary
A full list of our services
Our unique selling points
Target Customer
Market Plan
Growth Potential
Financial Planning
SWOT Analysis
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
The Team

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Vers Creative team using DropBox to sharefiles

A quick and Email Attachment-free way to share and transfer files is now being used by Vers Creative as a timesaver instead of Email attachment.

Dropbox works just like any other folder on your computer, but with a few differences.

Here’s how it works:

– Drag and drop files around.
– Files dropped into the Dropbox folder will be synchonized to the other Dropboxes used by vers creative team link to the account.

And very importantly the files are alway safe and encrypted.

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