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I thought it was time to reflect on what we had done leading up to the final piece. The original idea that got of the starting bloc was the snakes and ladders, this was chosen after a number of ideas was put aside this they were: human skittles, human monopoly, cluedo and chess; we had done all the filming that was needed and the storyboard but when it came to editing and compositing there was a massive problem, when it came to editing we needed help and that was a massive problem.

We were offered help but we were unable to attend and that was the start of our problems after that when we tried to get the help we need we were refused and even other film students were forbidden to help us. So we spent the next 4 weeks trying as much as we can to get the footage on to the computer which we need to progress to the next step i even went to another college but there equipment wasn’t working.

The green screen  was one part that had the least things to go wrong.  The only upset was the angle of the camera, we couldnt get it to the more overhead position that i wanted.  We just put it as high as we could and began film, luckerly the angle wasnt to low and we could have used the footage.

So back to the drawing board, mike came up with the idea of a football video about showing our different skills on a fast paced viral. and shortly after this idea came about we were approuched by another group that needed more group members and a location so we exsected and started filming the next day with the storyboard i produced.

The filming was done in my flat over an hour in which dan would stay completely still

I talk more about that on my Report.

A more in depth version is on David Kerriages Web Blog


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