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Yay i have completed my room for the Interactive Design Principles Project, i am quite happy that it is now over although we could have spent more time on it to make itbetter then it is at the moment there are many possibilities such as… the door opening and shutting, changing colourd walls, a room were the user could make there own room and perhaps old arcade machines with retro games that could be playable.

We made a house with 5 rooms in it 1 room that leads to all the rooms 1 living room and 3 bedrooms ofwhich we did our own bedrooms.

The layout is of a bedroom with a bed, desk,chair, sofa and 7 posters. The interactive ‘hotspot’ ports of it are… the windows, the mirror, the ‘whirl’ poster and the door.

The window, praticly a slide show of 2 images and a movie I was apart of making. They would change whenever the user would click on them, i did have it so they would change when they mouse passed over them but that got annoying after while it would change unintentionally.

The mirror “webcam” feature was perhaps one for the most difficult coding i had to do alot of research and i had to experiment with different coding to get it working perfectly. I still find it one of the most enjoyable parts.

The “whirl” the green and orange poster next to the bed, was another fiddly part, it is designed to come closer and open another ‘hotspot’ which is placed in the centre of the whirl. the whole thing would then shrink back when the user clicks off the hotspot.

The music the just an ambient tune from my library to give the user an idea of the music i like called bright morning star. I have a poster next to the door of a bright star were the music is coming from, this is a hotspot.

The last hotspot was the door that is used to go into the hallway were all the other doors are.

There were two types of coding used ActionScript and XML, ActionScript was used for the elements of the room such as the webcam mirror and whirl.  XML was used to put it all together and place in the room.


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