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Having finished the video i have come now putting my research on to the blog.

I made a list of possible candidate’s for my kinetic typography most of them are songs some of them are speeches.
– The architect speech
– Eclipse by Robyn
– You cant handle the truth
– Everybody free by Baz Luhrman
– Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
– Calvin Harris, The girls
– Network, Im as mad as hell speech
– Goodfellas, spider

but instead i went for a not so old British classic, I predict a riot by the Kaiser Cheifs

“I Predict a Riot” is a song by Kaiser Chiefs, appearing on their debut album Employment. It was originally released as their second single on 1 November 2004, and was the band’s first release on the B-Unique label. It entered at #22 on the UK singles chart, a move which started the band’s rise to popularity. It was soon re-released on 22 August 2005 as a double A-side with new song, “Sink that Ship”. This time, it peaked at #9 in the charts.

I wanted to do a classic British tune that everyone knows and can sing along to with no trouble.

I decided on a Black and Red theme for the vid to give it a stressed aggressive feel that i could work too. I didn’t work on it in a linear sense, i had worked on different parts of the time-line at different times to get them looking right, for the intro i did do it till i had already done the middle and for some bits i couldn’t get right until i had done everything else.
Now here is my story…

When i first started I wanted to keep it simple but immediately i found it hard to do so at one of the first scenes, when i wanted to display what i felt was the different quantities of the words.
I only did this for keywords that i felt would be good for the typography, for example for WATCHING i gave it more of a rounded feel type with the use of ‘Bauhaus 93’ but for PEOPLE i used ‘Stencil’ which i felt would had put the idea across that it was made by someone but at the same time gave it an in-personal feel. Thoughts were the only ‘personal type’ i used until later on.watchingpeople
After that i used clear type that was earlier to read to give the viewer a rest before we moved on the fast pace scenes to come.
For some words i put enthuses on how its being sung, like for example the Y on LAIRY, the tail expands to play a part in the next line.y
For the next line i choose ‘pretty’ as the keyword and gave enthuses on it being now very pretty maybe abit functional.pretty
Then the visual kicks into high gear with fast pace motion starting with the ‘walking’ were the view acts like it going up and down like walking.
The next word is very fast that just comes at you that i thought would be kind good for the word ‘through’.
Around this time i had settled on the font that was best for the style i wanted that was clear and easy to read called ‘Poplar Std’ which i thought looked quite nice.
I keyword ‘scary’ next to have it really come right at you like its trying to scare you.scary
The next line i had abit longer to think about and i discided on a fast moving text that would result in a ‘R’ that i could be used in the next scene.rr
Skipping ahead the next bit to note is the use of typography on ‘BEATEN’ making it fall over along with the song.
Moving on abit more i started changing the font abit more again to suit the words that were coming up like for ‘OLD’ i used a old looking and cracked font that made it easier to understand and straight after woulds the word ‘leodiensian’ had much of the ‘free 70’s’ feel so i wanted to put that across,
Needless to say i did this sort of thing for alot of the vid.old

The first bit that i got stuck was before the verse in the LALALA, i had an idea of the LALALA setting up for a street were that could be a road and AH AH AH could be shops and ‘i predict a riot’ comes over a horizon and starts a riot. This was a dead-end that i could never make happen because it was far too complicated so i scrapped that idea and went for a newspaper format instead so i went mad like it was off the presses and shoved in your face for the main kaotic bit.lalalabigriot

For the final main bit which i call the newspaper i used very urban riot newspaper font, for example for AIB TIMES i used a similar typography to that of the times newspaper i used ‘Times New Yorker’ with an urban feel. I researched a few newspapers and i found that they used BIG BOLD san serif type so i went for a rock style. i put in a more traditional font with a slightly rough look called ‘A Font with Serifs’ this coupled with the animated in text i think it looks gd.aibtimesnewstext

The only image i put in that replaced a word was for ‘taxi’ were i imported a image of a taxi.
I added some cool effects like images a text at the beginning and the end shaking along with the music. car
I did have titles at the beginning that did this but everybody already knows who and what with song is so i didn’t see the point.titles


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Wednesday 12th November – Dominotes Day :-P Erm… earlier verson

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