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Advanced web revisited – in depth research

I had been looking the possibility of creating a visual representation of of rss feed using lines, the line would hopfully be controlled by keywords it the feeds or length of words.

I was hoping it would display similar to this without using images:

I came up with this sudo code:

Using rss from any news site,

Calculate the length of the word by the number of vowels in a word and connected by the words of a sentence being connected.  Should display something like this.


My efforts to find any kind of code the did anything like this failed and i choose to do something that a knew i might be able to achieve.  I started to look at images and the abilty to import images from the internet into flash and make somekind of flash movie that could be interesting to look at.

I was looking around these websites to see how other people have done this.

and the one i like the best:

The last one uses software to work alongside Adobe flash to pull in the images that is used, i tried to use it but it was complicated and i discide to pull use a xml list flash slider.  It works by using images linked it an xml list, it ramdomly selects one or and uses it in flash. like the examples here

I wanted to be able to randomly display images from the internet and make it look like a movie using only images.


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