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First magazine advertisment for Vers!!

With an encounter with the AIB student union has ended up with an offer to have a page advertisment placed in the university magazine digsta bumsta.

We have been given one page in the back to advertise.

Today has been spent coming up with a page that is clever, different and shows vers creative for what it is.



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Professional Project – Startup A Business

vers_creativeI have teamed up with Dan Day and Dan Powell to start a company based around web design, we have called the company Vers Creative.  We will service customers by providing them with professional websites that they can use to expand their business.  The areas that we might be involved in are: web design, motion graphics, branding, logo design and corporate identity.

For the unit e will be creating a Sri-Lanka Charity Website
The new website will we created from the ground up for a charity in Sri-Lanka. We will be working closely with a client to help design, code and implement a dynamic website tailored towards attracting tourists to a beach/surfing resort.

Website Design
We will create a dynamic website using a Content Management System, but will design a visual and structural template from the ground up. We will be working closely with our client to create

We will be creating a video show-reel promoting the beach/surfing resort. The showreel will be integrated into the website.
This will used all our skills in motion graphics.

Why are we doing this?
We are doing this too gain a lot of experience in the creation of a website.  Make a professional portfolio of work and further our skills.  We would also like experience with clients, communicating with and working with.

Who does what?
Dan Day
Works with vector logo designs, first line of contact with the client, designs website.

Dan Powell
Responsible for a professional finish to the organisation of the website, He is a coder for the website provide an alternative view of design.

My role
Responsible for creating a unique style and design, some coding.
Design websites using adobe software, motion graphic designing and creative Flash related advertising i.e. flash banners.
Attend meeting with client and team, and liaise with other team members.
I also make sure work is done it time and to schedule. Project Management

What I hope to learn
Create professional web designs.
Work with clients and understand their need and provide an adequate design.
Build a productive growing business.
Manage the income and outgoings, make sure things are affordable and in budget.
Costing, pricing scales and structures within relevant commercial contexts.
Become aware of invoicing terms and conditions, write invoices and open a business bank account.
Monitor web trends look at blogs and competitors.
Use trends to update designs.
Use material from open source to adhere to legal requirements.
Hope to learn about VAT for future purposes.
Advanced web design.
Improve illustrator, flash.
I will also blog to evaluate our success.

What have i done so far?
We have bought a domain and server space in order to start, we are also working on our website, it site should be up and running in a few days.
Here is the link
We have designed and printed of our business cards and we’ve started networking by going to business events and telling people about us.

We are also working on 1 or 2 other website at the same time so it is quite busy.

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Refining and Defining unit – the basic idea

My title:  Politicians and political parties use of social media.

my ramblings:

Definitions of social media,



New Media,


The use of social media in political elections,




Case study – barrack obama,

social media used, – illustrations,

time time of campaign,

money raised,


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