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PPRD1 – Progress

I have now finished all of the PPRD1 and I am looking forward to handing it in and just getting it out of the way.

P.S i like the layout, i feel like i really tried with this Unit.


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PPRD1 – Progress

This is just an update i have been meaning to post up since friday.

I have finished my CV and am half way through the PPRD  report, I have discided to do it in Indesign using the what I have learnt from the evening lessons.

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Placement – Conclusion

Working at Somnia for two weeks has been an interesting experience of life in the work place, i was given a couple of tasks most of which i completed these included the file conversion and the furnoCAD website,

The experience has been a good insight into small office life.  I dont think it is the kind of work i wish to enter into in the future.

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Placement – Day 9 (Wednesday 14th May)

Today was the last day of working at Somnia,  I spent it doing more file conversion and enhancing one of the flash banners for the furnoCAD website.

Not much else done and said my final goodbyes.

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Placement – Day 8 (Tuesday 13th May)

Have decided to do something different with a small interactive flash tutorial game.

The idea is to give people more of an idea of what the furnoCAD software is for, the game has items of furniture that can be dragged about and rotated by the number keys on the keyboard.

The rest of the day was consumed with 3DS max file conversion.

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Placement – Day 7 (Monday 12th May)

More 3DS file conversion.

We are still working on the hundreds of files that need converting and nothing else going on.

They are slightly busy with other work to give us much attention but its understandable.

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Placement – Day 6 (Friday 9th May)

After completing the templates for the furnoCAD site the day before we were then asked to create a flash banner to advertising the software.  I ended up with two banners the first one came from the the idea of using a grid like a blueprint might be and put ampthises around design, a layout of a office would then fade in and screen shoots would then come out.  The second flash banner included a background office movie that can be easily replaced with an other movie or slideshow.  In the foreground i put schoolling text that would tell alittle more about the software.

Here are the link to what I came up with.

And if we had any spare time we would then continue with and 3DS max porject.

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