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Interface Design – Concept presentation, 29th October

Today the people from BskyB were supposed to come in so we could do a short presentation to them about our concept for an interface.  Unfortunately sky did not show and we did our presentation to Liam and Antony.  We gave our best and they like our idea.

A virtual entertainment enviroment based around the principle of organic content.

one big tree which displays all the content available from sky TV. Each program is a leaf or pea, organised into into a series of programs on branches or in pods. Programs grow until they are ready to be picked. Programmes are projected onto the leaves.

Programmes can be picked and added to a personal ‘content garden’ that will take the leaves it has and grow to provide alternative content based on the type of content selected. Once a programme is picked from either the main tree or the personal garden, it will grow back again once it’s been watched.

When a program has been watched, you can have the option of archiving it to the fridge, (in the case of a pea).

Content is selected by picking the leaf, ( or pea) and placing it within the pond. The pond then turns to jelly/ice and begins to display the content. The content is controlled by using gestures on the jelly-like surface.

Personal gardens can be shared with friends at a ‘Garden Party’

Main Features:

Tree of Content

Big tree of all content available from Sky. Content organised into coloured branches.

Personal Garden

Collection of favourite content.

Grows plants, (content) based on favourites

Viewing pond

Pick leaves (content) and take to pond to view.

Leaves grow back once they’ve been watched

Preliminary ideas:

  • coloured content tree to view different stuff
  • Affected by weather/seasons
  • Floor (Grass) reacts to users.
  • Interactive clouds
  • virtual weather based on type of content being watched. (Thunder and lightning for horror, sunny for childrens programmes)

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Wednesday at the AIB, Interface Design Principles

Devise a new method for users to physically interact with Sky content for channels Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Movies or Sky One.

Consider the range of physical devices that could provide the user with novel or unusual modes of interaction. For example look at the Wii & PS3 technology that allow users to fully interact with a game via their gyro-based remotes or the Touch screen technologies such as those developed by Jeff Han at NYU

Consider the nature of our experience of television, film and multimedia in solitary and social contexts. Look at other examples of digital communities such as the online gaming community. Your ideas do not have to be TV, they could be mobile, web or any other device/medium you propose or a combination of several of these.

Consider mobile devices and Web interaction being integrated to the concept rather than supporting media.

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