The vers creative light streak effect

I have been working on a light streak effect like that of the sumsung mobile advert

I wanted to get that kind of effect in Adobe After Effects.
I used particules and a glowing effect. I wanted give the impression of the light giving life to vers creative. It took ait of a play around before i got it how i wanted it.


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It’s time to turn off your snap shots

You know that annoying box that pops up what you hover over a link on wordpress and some other blogs, well there is a way to rid yourself of this. Snap shot has an “opt out” option that will block your IP address from seeing snap shot from any blog.


You can also disable the snap shot on your blog simply by checking disable on the extras tap.


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Vers Creative setup a new Facebook page

Vers Creative has setup a new Facebook page to reach the consumer and manage future adverts on Facebook.


We hope this new window to the social networking site Facebook will up brand awareness and make it easyer to communicate with people.

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National Teaching Fellowship Roughs

The website will provide the central portal for information about Kirsten Hardie’s National Teaching Fellowship profile, projects and wider work. It will also provide information relating to wider activities, events and organisations (through website content and links to other websites etc). The website will give personality visual profile, promotion to the NTF’S work and will operate as a central vehicle for dissemination of information relating to her work across a variety of spheres.

I have made five rough designs will focus on one to best illurstrate what kirsten asked for.






The top images with be made up of her own pictures that she gives us that we could update via joomla or flash. The side bar will be the main menu that will ot change unlike the sub-menu that will change depending on which page you are on. There will be a news column will be from a blog and be updated by kirsten and there will be an area for text and for images. The page configuration will change depending on want kirsten wants.

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Financial Planning Meeting

Was presented by Clarity business financials
Was talked about:
The purpose of Financal Planning – Business plan into financal plan
SWOT analysis
PESTEL Factors – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Enviromental and Legel
Critical Success Factors
Key Performance Indicators – from No of enquiries to Invoiced Sales
Key Components – Sales, Materials for re-sale, People Cost, Set Up Cost
Understanding Cash Flow
Time Periods – At start of a new Business, Year and during the current year

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First Job done, Bournemouth Screen Academy

Ok so myself and the team have designed some website skins and a newsletter for instant use.
We designed 7 website skins for them to then give feedback on so we can change them to meet there needs.
The news letter layout they had already agread on and we just have to get working, for this we made a template for the text/news to be layed out and it had to be combatiable with all email browsers.


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Formation Company research

Set up and register a partnership

We have been looking for business bank accounts and to open an account we need to register the company to either a limited or partnership.

We need to make sure we have done surtain things.

Checklist: setting up a partnership

In order to set up business as a partnership there are certain things you need to do – some must be done as a group and others as individual partners. You should:

>Display all the partners’ names at all your business premises together with the address to which official documents should be sent.

>Display all the partners’ names on your business website and stationery, including letters, invoices, receipts and cheques along with your principal place of business. If the partnership has more than 20 partners you need only display your principal place of business.

>Register as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This must be done by each individual partner.

>Contact HMRC to register your partnership’s existence and register for VAT if you expect a turnover of more than £67,000 a year.

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